Workshops Available

Trained and experienced facilitators guide parents to solutions that work for their  individual children  and situations. Our facilitators specialize in areas such as conflict resolution, individual education programs (IEP), stress management, psychology,  sociology, holistic health and elementary education.  Parents are guided through various scenarios and situations via role-play, discussion, debates and other activities.  Without question, parents find themselves taking a journey  on which they reflect on various aspects of their parenting techniques. These journeys guide parents to solutions that work with their children. Parents sharpen and acquire  skills that will benefit their children socially, academically  and physically. An added benefit is that parents have the opportunity to look at themselves for all around self-improvement.

Professional development facilitators are educators and/or specialists in the area in which they facilitate.  These workshops provide educators with strategies, techniques and methodology which focuses on areas such as common core, challenging behavior, classroom management, social emotional learning, differentiated curriculum and technology to name a few. Various techniques are presented  in order to increase the educators tool chest so that maximum learning among their students  is achieved.

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