What We Do

Located in Chicago, IL , L.J. FRAME, LLC is a provider of parental workshops, professional development workshops, character education material, library books, visual communication technology as well as school and office furniture. Initially L.J. FRAME, LLC provided products and services solely to educational institutions. As the company continues to grow it has expanded its offering of products and services to various market sectors.

Visual communication technology including interactive technology is manufactured by nationally recognized companies such as Claridge, Luidia, Viewsonic and Samsung to name a few. Installation of and training for all L.J. FRAME, LLC products is provided by experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated representatives. Customers have and continue to give high ratings to our products and services.

Workshops are conducted by professional facilitators that specialize in areas such as conflict resolution, individual education programs(IEP’s), psychology, sociology, mathematics, stress management, holistic health, health maintenance, classroom management, classroom behavior, pre-school and elementary education to name a few. Parental and professional development workshops are designed to guide participants to solutions that will work in their environments. Participants are provided with tools and strategies relevant to their situations in order to achieve positive outcomes. Participants throughout the Chicago land area have given L.J. FRAME, LLC excellent reviews.

School and office furniture is manufactured by nationally recognized companies such as HLF, Community (JSI) and Eurotech Seating.

L.J. FRAME, LLC is also experienced in curriculum writing, activity design and program assessment for adult, teenage and adolescent self help programs. The company is also a sales agent for nationally recognized publishers Enslow, F.Y.I., Urban Kidz and The Chapters Group.

The mission of L.J. FRAME, LLC is to provide quality educational material, visual communication technology, parental workshops, professional development and accompanying service.