The Solution Board

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The solution board is a dry erase board with a special frame containing an electronic brain which makes the dry erase surface interactive.

Teachers can scroll through pages, print, duplicate pages and more right at the board.

eBeam Education software contains invaluable content, teaching aids and web resources (lessons).

Item Size Description Price
CL-IMB3X4 3’x 4’ USB-Solution Board $949.00
CL-IMB3X4S* 3’x 4’ USB-Solution Board $1,099.00
CL-IMB4X6 4’x 6’ USB-Solution Board $999.00
CL-IMB4X8 4’x 8’ USB-Solution Board $1,099.00
CL-IMB3X4-BT 3’x 4’ BT-Solution Board $1,090.00
CL-IMB3X4S* 3’x 4’ BT-Solution Board $1,240.00
CL-IMB4X6-BT 4’x 6’ BT-Solution Board $1,140.00
CL-IMB4X8-BT 4’x 8’ BT – Solution Board $1,240.00
CL-IMB4X6-DR 4’x 6’ Digital Ready Board** $340.00
CL-IMB4X8-DR 4’x 8’ Digital Ready Board** $435.00
CL-IMB-UPG USB Brain Kit(Interactive Module) $685.00
CL-IMB-UPG-BT          Bluetooth  Brain Kit(Interactive Module) $815.00
*With stand.       **Brain not included


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